Vietnamese Pho

on Saturday, February 2, 2013
Okay, I know, this isn't Korean, but you can pack this delicious noodle soup ( for lunch (in a thermal container, which I did, or you can also reheat or microwave at work, if you have the facilities). And it's awesome when it's cold outside!

Tteokbokki (떡볶이) Spicy Korean rice cakes

Hello fellow Dosirak-lovers,

So here a recipe for 떡볶이 (!

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Hi there,

so I thought after all the unhealthy cookies on Xmas, my body was ready for a serious detox (my ballet leotards totally agree). I was kinda busy the last months (and getting engaged, yay! With Tiffany and all :)), so there was no time to post... sorry! I'll try to be better.

Anway, for lacking the time and being too lazy to bother, and because you get the recipes when you order, I ordered a Detox package for one week via
I was inspired to do this thx to my new years resolution to eat healthier and return to my Dosirak-making, and by this very inspirational post by Emily Weiss on ITG aka IntoTheGloss (