Vietnamese Pho

on Saturday, February 2, 2013
Okay, I know, this isn't Korean, but you can pack this delicious noodle soup ( for lunch (in a thermal container, which I did, or you can also reheat or microwave at work, if you have the facilities). And it's awesome when it's cold outside!

First, you cook a lot of stuff:

Cinnamon sticks, star anise, fennel seeds, cumin, coriander seeds and cloves. And one onion. And don't forget the beef bone with some meat on it ;)
You let this cook and simmer for two to three hours (the longer, the better!)... 
...and get rid of the spices.
Voila, a delicious broth!
 Now you cook rice noodles and mung beans. And you chop one lemon, and a chili, and wash thai basil and mint leaves.

 If you want to, you can also add Odeng :) (yeah, I loooove Korean style fish cake)


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