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on Sunday, July 31, 2011
Hi everyone,

So in this entry (Amra, you'll love this one ^^) I'll show you how to do Korean Pancakes. You can put like totally anything into a Korean pancake. Now as a half Korean, I really adore Kimchi (, and I love Kimchi pancakes (김치부친개, also see for a different recipe). But what to do when you have no Kimchi at hand (hey, it's really tricky to get Kimchi in some places in Europe and Kimchi making is a LOT of work...)? Here is a nice trick my good friend Boo taught me:
Just use mild German Sauerkraut. Wait, WHAT? Yeah, you read right. Sauerkraut.

Now what I use is this Korean Pancake mix (부침가루). For 250g flour you need 400 ml water (that's enough for 2 portions - if you can't get that at your local Asian store, just use some flour and an egg with a little water).
For seasoning: The left one is beef flavored broth powder (쇠고기 다시다), the right is chili pepper powder (고춧가루). But of course any broth and chili or cayenne powder will do, if you can't get that.
I also add some sprinkles of these: Left is rosted sesame seeds with salt (깨소금), middle is sesame oil (참기름) and right is soy sauce (진간장).
In the end I add some ginger and small cut carrot (1 carrot) bits to the dough.
Now what I gonna do is two different kinds of pancakes: One with (fake-) Kimchi and one without.
I separate the dough in two bowls. In the without Kimchi one, I add some peas (a hand full) and one more carrot and they are ready for the pan.
For the Kimchi ones, I briefly wash the Sauerkraut (a hand full) and press it dry afterwards. Then I season it with garlic, one chopped onion, more ginger, green onions and more red chili powder. Then I add it to the dough and they're also ready for the pan:
 For cuter shapes, you can use heart- or star-shaped pans.

Enjoy it with some Soju (소주 or Makgeolli (막걸리, which is shown in the pic). The (fake-) Kimchi ones really taste like Kimchi - it's hard to tell the difference.


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