How to ... egg-rolls, and Dosirak No. 3

on Sunday, July 31, 2011
Hi 도시락lovers,

so here a 도시락 with the Korean pancakes leftovers.
I also added some egg-rolls with a seaweed sheet ( Korean Kim or Japanese Nori is fine). So how to make them? Pretty easy: You squirl two eggs with some salt and pepper. You put them in a pan and the Kim on top, like this:

Then you roll the whole thing and cut it in slices, voila.
In my box, I also added some seasoned spinach, which I mostly prepare once a week (it stays okay in the fridge for a whole week, maybe I'll post this nice Korean recipe one day), baby tomatos and some nut candy.
Here I added some steamed cauliflowers and again a salmon roll with a sesame leaf around it, and also nut candy.

Total preparation time was about 20 minutes.
Hope you liked this post!


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