New Blog! (Dosirak No. 1)

on Saturday, July 30, 2011
Hi everyone,

so this is my first blog and first post, like, ever!!! <(^.^)>
So here my two 도시락 boxes from yesterday.

My box (I really <3 the 토끼s! For those who wondered: My box can contain 600 ml max) is filled with surimi-avocado-spinach-Kimbaps and smoked salmon with wasabi on the side. The spinach was seasoned Korean style (see for instructions). And lots of fruits for a sweet treat!

My partner (who doesn't have a cute box yet, but it's ordered and coming soon, yeay!) gets some rice with peas, seasoned with sesame oil and soy sauce. This pasture is decorated with steamed carrot-flowers. And there's some smoked salmon, fixed with canned sesame leaves (for some fun pictures of Steve Jobs presenting the "canned sesame leaves 4G" see and raw kohlrabi with salt and pepper.
For I prepared the seasoned spinach beforehand and took the rice right out of my rice cooker, both boxes took me about 30 minutes (it took some time to do the carrots - for a nice video with even cuter ones, see here:

Hope you like this post!


Stephanie said...

I need to start learning to cook/make my own meals... It's looks so delicious!

도시락girl said...

Thank you, Stephanie! Yes, there are many many reasons to start doing 도시락, I'll write about it in my next post ^^

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