Soup! 미역국 (Miyok Guk, or Seaweed Soup)

on Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Hi there,

so when it's someones B-Day in Korea, one has to eat Seaweed Soup! Of course you don't have to wait till someone's birthday and just go for it ^^ Mine looks like this:

With Kimchi and rice, it's especially nice.
So how to do it? First, you buy some beef for soup/broth and cook it for about an hour. Then cut down the meat and skim off the foam on top of the broth. Put the meat pieces back into the broth. Rinse some Miyok (a special kind of seaweed: in cold water and put it into the broth. cut some garlic and onions and add them, too. Add some salt and a teaspoon of sesame oil. Let it cook for another 10 minutes.

Voila, you're done!


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