Flowers and turkey - Dosirak No. 4

on Monday, August 1, 2011
Hi 도시락lovers,

here a 도시락 with cute purple-orange flowers, spicy turkey and beans.
 The flowers are the same as in Dosirak No. 1, with the difference that I used purple carrots instead of regular ones (they sometimes have it @the supermarket here). They are on a bed of wild rice.

I marinated the turkey Bulgogi-style (but didn't add garlic for I have some meetings tomorrow): Sesame oil, chili powder, soy sauce, a little bit of honey and, if you like it, onion. Then I put it in the pan. Same with the beans.
I also added some raspberries and nut-candy for desert.
Total preparation time: 30 minutes.
Hope you liked this post!


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