Dosirak No. 10 and new gear!

on Thursday, August 11, 2011
Hi Dosirak-lovers,

I got some new gear!!! And used it instantly on the next Dosirak:

There's wild rice in heart and star shapes, turkey seasoned Bulgogi style, really cute carrot and zucchini flowers, cauliflowers and fruits.

So here my new gear:

veggie cutters and egg molds (which you can also use for rice, as you can see). And here's the gear in action:
 Now it's even easier to make these carrot-flowers! Now you might wonder what to do with the waste from the flower-making. I just chop them up, as you can see, and use them in soups or pancakes. Or I cut flowers from different colored veggies (see Dosirak pics above) and mix the frame with the flowers.

Preparation time was 30 minutes.

I hope you liked this post!


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