How to ... Kimchi (family 김치 recipe!)

on Monday, August 8, 2011
Hey Dosriak-lovers,

here my family's original spring-summer Kimchi recipe (we have a different one for winter).
Here is what you have to buy: Lots of onions, garlic and ginger,
 eight chinese cabbages,

 and radish,
 and half a bottle anchovy sauce.
You will also need 고추가루 (, sea salt and cane sugar. This recipe will be enough Kimchi for 3 persons for 3 to 4 weeks (but see pic below with the result - that will give you an idea how much Kimchi this will be).

First, cut the onions, cabbage, leek and radish into tiny pieces and squish the garlic and ginger:

 Put the cut cabbage separately and add 4 big glasses of water and 250g salt (that's my mom in the pic ^^):
Now let the cabbage lose some water (it will shrink, like, A LOT) for 1 hour, take a pause and for example enjoy some Korean food, like radish soup:
After that hour break, wash the cabbage and let it dry for half an hour:

Now add 2 handfuls of sugar and one handful of salt, add the other cut veggies mix:
 also add some 고추가루 (, like 4 to 5 handfuls:
 And half a bottle of anchovy sauce:

 Now when you fill that into your tupperware, make sure you don't leave any free space! Just squish everything in until there is no more space. And make sure you put everything not directly into the tupperware, but into a plastic bag:

 When you're done, press the plastic bag and curl the ends at the same time, so that there is no remaining air in the bag. This is important for the fermentation!
Leave everything outside the fridge for 24 hours. Then keep it in the fridge in an extra plastic bag, for it can get quite smelly... After 48 hours, you can start to eat, yumm ^^

Hope you liked that post and enjoy your Kimchi!


abbeyxs said...

This is great!! Thanks...could you please post a recipe for the winter version?? I know you can find 1000 options on the internet,but i don´t know what is the difference between one and the other,i´d trust you more;)) Also,can I leave out the raddish if i don´t like the taste of it?

도시락girl said...

Dear abbeyxs, okay, I'm going to ask my mom for different versions the next time I see her :)

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