How to ... Kimbap (김밥)

on Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Hi everyone,

today I gonna teach you how to make Kimbap, or Gimbap (
 Actually I didn't make those, my friends did, whom I tought how to that very night - those are really great for a first time Kimbap, don't you think? ^^
For 4 people: First, cook 700 g rice and put it into a flat pot. Add water until your knuckles are fully covered with water, when you put your flat hand on the rice. Let it boil on a low flame for 10 to 15 mintes and then turn off the stove and put a cover on the pot - the remaining heat will make the rice perfect.

If you don't want to spend too much money on imported (sushi) rice, then just use rice you would use for rice pudding- it works perfectly fine.

Normally, I do that in a rice cooker, but I wanted to show my friends how to do it without, for they don't have one.
Mix one spoon of Gojujang ( and broth powder with 250 g ground meat. Stir-fry it afterwards.

 Make 3 omelettes out of 6 eggs, chop 4 medium sized carrots into slices and stir-fry them with Gojujang. Chop one cucumber and avocado into slices, too. Put one spoon of rice vinegar into the rice and two spoons of sesame oil. Add some sesame seeds and stir.
 Now cover the Kim (Nori) with rice. Load it with the good stuff ^^And also use some rice as "glue" on the upper side of the sheet (see picture). Now you start to roll it from the full side. Make sure you squeeze not too hard (then the sheet might rip or the fillings squish out) or too lose (then it's really hard to cut and won't hold together as a proper Kimbap).
 Now the roll is ready to cut! Make constant Kimbap hights, otherwise it will look weird!
That's it, enjoy your Kimbap!


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