How to ... Baby meatballs, heart-shaped Kimbap and carrot-flowers (Dosirak No. 5)

on Tuesday, August 2, 2011
Hi 도시락lovers,

here another Dosirak:

This one has heart-shaped Kimbaps made of wild rice, filled with sesame leaves and carrots, carrot-flowers, salmon-wasabi-rolls, baby meatballs filled with baby peas, a tomato, Korean style spinach and raspberries for dessert.
This one has heart-shaped Kimbaps, flower-carrots, baby-meatballs also filled with baby-peas, kohlrabi (under the carrots) and raspberries, grapes and strawberries for dessert.

So how do you make heart-shaped Kimbap? It's pretty easy, but first you should get a little helper like this:

I got mine from CasaBento (see web-links on the right side on this blog). Stuff it half with rice, put in your fillings and then fill the rest of the space with more rice. Press the lid on top, press really hard so the heart stays in shape. Then wrap some Kim (Nori) around it and cut it in slices. Done!
Oh, I also made some pics while making carrot-flowers:
See, it's pretty easy, you just cut the carrot in parts, cut out some flower-petals and then slice the whole thing.

So how to make the baby-meatballs? You add one egg to 300g ground meat, a hand full of baby peas and some salt and pepper. Then you mix it and form tiny meatballs out of it, and then they're ready for the pan.

These little darlings were quite some work - total preparation time for everything was nearly 60 minutes - so definitely NOT an everyday Dosirak.

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