Korean - Japanese Style Curry (Dosirak No. 6)

on Friday, August 5, 2011
Hi 도시락lovers,

last night's dinner was curry, so here today's leftover Dosirak:
Now here is my recipe for Korean - Japanese style curry:
Cut 5 carrots and 5 potatoes (for 4 meals) in tiny pieces and put them in a pot. Fill it with water so that the veggies are well covered. Add one pressed clove of garlic.

Add a tiny bit of salt and boil it until the potatoes are nearly done.
Now you add some curry (you can buy that at your local Asian supermarket):
Now for people familiar to this kind of curry, you'll notice that I do it differently than given on the instructions. I don't like it when you prepare it the way they're suggesting, for I think it's too greasy to fry the veggies first in a pan with lots of oil (of course you can add some meat, too).

So I stir everything well so that the curry dissolves.
Right before serving I add some frozen peas - they will melt instantly and won't get too mushy in this way.
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