Speedy Kimchi-Mandu soup with mushrooms (Soup No. 1)

on Monday, August 1, 2011
Hi everyone,

like any (half) Korean, I love soup. And sometimes there isn't much time to cook, like, in the morning for breakfast, while making my Dosirak or before heading out to do stuff. So I love speedy soups, like this one:

I always have some Kimchi-Mandu (Korean dumplings or "wan-tans" filled with Kimchi, you can get that in the Asian supermarket) and mushrooms like Shiitake or Enoki ( 팽이버섯) in the freezer (also from the Asian supermarket). I just put everything in the pot with some broth powder and a fresh carrot and add some sesame sprinkles on top in the end. Delicious and it only takes 6 minutes!


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